About Us - Why we're Ab Fab!

What's the meaning of Ab Fab?

There are actually two meanings behind the term Ab Fab and both relate to our business ideology and how we want to be seen.

  1. Absolutely Fabulous - The most well known meaning (great TV show too :) )
  2. Absorbent Fabric - Did you see that one coming? We did :)

We started out focusing strongly on absorbent fabrics though, although this is still a strong part of us, we stock much more and are expanding our organics and sustainable ranges as well.

A Little Bit About Us

Want the long version or the short? Yeah thought so, long version it is! Only kidding, we'll go with the short versions so you have more time to look at and buy our fabrics :)

Ab Fab Textiles was conceived by Dave and Elaine, keen to supply high quality fabrics designed to be used with reusable products such as cloth sanitary products, reusable nappies, incontinence products, pet bedding and more.

We have first hand knowledge of using many of these fabrics as Elaine also makes absorbent liners, among other items, to be used with small animal housing (these can be seen at CandE Cosies ). It was during a break from making these, joys of kids, that we decided to look at suppliers in the UK and Europe primarily. Amazingly there were very few, the idea of Ab Fab Textiles was born.

Why these Fabrics?

As many of us around the world were, we were moved by the stories told in the BBC program Blue Planet II regarding plastics and other items affecting the wildlife around the world and the catastrophic impact these are having ... not Ab Fab for sure! 

We decided to focus on fabrics for reusable products and realised the increased popularity with reusable sanitary products, nappies and obviously already knew about the animal bedding.

We are keen to source organic fabrics and are continually looking for suppliers of these to expand our collections and offer our customers quality fabrics, ecologically friendly and at affordable prices.


Now we have told you about ourselves and our intentions please take a look at these reviews on eBay for confirmation that we are a trustworthy supplier. 

Why not take a look at our reviews on our Product Review Page

There you go, the short version. For more information about us... seriously you want to know more about us? Didn't think so. Go take a look at our products and get in touch if you have any questions about them instead :)


Dave and Elaine

PS we are UK based but ship worldwide unlike many other fabric retailers 

Registered Business Details

Business Name: Ab Fab Textiles LLP
Reg No: OC427840
VAT No: GB350801527

Registered Address:
Office 4, 219 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London W8 6BD

Please note this is NOT our shipping and returns address so do not send anything to here. Thank you.