These cotton prints are premium OEKO-TEX 100 standard 100% organic cotton fabrics with limited supplies as they are not mass produced in a huge factory. Something a little more special to use for your projects.

Organic Cotton Fabrics

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We're Improving our Green Credentials

Jan 27, 2021 Dave Melaney

Over the past 12-18mths we have slowly increased the number and variety of organic products we stock, such as the Cloud9 and Monaluna, and we have made changes to how we operate etc In the workplace we recycle and use environmentally friendly methods for heating etc We also, if you haven't noticed, use mailing bags made from recycled plastic that can also be recycled so do not throw them in your main rubbish bin. You just thought they were boring grey mailing bags didn't you?

Brexit - Still Shipping Worldwide

Jan 04, 2021 Dave Melaney

The good news it that we have always dispatched globally for a long time and so the UK departing from the EU makes no change from that. There are interim rules in place but as expected everything was last minute and so there will continue to be changes.

What's The Latest? News Update

Nov 20, 2020 Dave Melaney

It's been a while since we dropped a Blog Post and a lot has happened both here and in the World in general. Obviously the global pandemic continues and we appreciate the pressure and pain this is putting on everyone, as it is on us as a family as well as a business. This year has been extremely hard work but we are thankful to you all for coming to us for your fabrics and haberdashery and hope that you've enjoyed making with what you bought.

Stock is on its Way

Jun 12, 2020 Dave Melaney

The last 12 weeks of lockdown have been unsettling at times, crazy most of the time, stressful, difficult and it seems it has been an ideal time for people to start sewing, get back to sewing or experienced sewers using their skills to help the NHS, care workers and other key workers by making and supplying scrubs, masks and shields.