We're Improving our Green Credentials

We're Improving our Green Credentials

We're Improving our Green Credentials

We hope this finds you all keeping safe and well as we hopefully (fingers crossed, fingers crossed, toes crossed, toes crossed) start heading towards the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. 

So, what is this post about? What do you mean you're improving your "Green Credentials"? Well I am SEW glad you asked, still can't resist that pun LOL!

Over the past 12-18mths we have slowly increased the number and variety of organic products we stock, such as the Cloud9 and Monaluna, and we have made changes to how we operate etc In the workplace we recycle and use environmentally friendly methods for heating etc We also, if you haven't noticed, use mailing bags made from recycled plastic that can also be recycled so do not throw them in your main rubbish bin. You just thought they were boring grey mailing bags didn't you?

What Else?

Carbon Offsetting ... exciting eh? Well we think so. Take a look at this:

Carbon Offset Impact Analysis

Above shows the impact of making our deliveries and what that equates to over a set period of time, in this case about 4 weeks.

What's this really all about you ask. Well, since around November we have been using an available resource to track our shipments and calculate the carbon footprint of those deliveries. Each month we then get billed accordingly and all the money goes to a great organisation called Pachama to plant the required number of trees to help offset the carbon impact.

Anything else?

Funny you should ask because yes there is. As of now we have teamed up with a company called Verdn who act as a collaborator between us and various schemes/charities involved with green projects. The current projects are:

Man Picking up waste on a beach in MumbaiEmpower AS - This charity has a huge project involved in collecting ocean plastic in various countries globally including India, Indonesia and Tanzania. They do primarily work in poverty stricken countries to help fight poverty as well as clean up the oceans. We call that Win-Win!


Mangrove Trees Planted in new PlantationEden Reforestation Projects - This charity works in league with other similar charities to help villages, again in poor areas of the world, to rebuild their forests and employ them to plant, nurture and maintain these new forests. At the time of writing they had planted over 480 million trees in 8 countries across 228 sites. In doing so they created over 4.8 million working days.

Sew* what does this mean and how does it work?

If you are worried this is going to cost you, by increased prices, then don't. This is an initiative that we are trialling and we are happy to absorb the cost of this as it is something we are keen to promote and be involved in. Here is all that you have to do:

  1. Go to one of the many organic cotton fabrics that can be found here
  2. You will see a simple banner that shows whether that buying that fabric, contributes towards ocean plastic clean up or contributes towards planting more trees, reforestation.
  3. Add that fabric to cart ... you will see that there are no added costs.
  4. Purchase your fabric and enjoy it when it arrives in a few days time.
  5. You will also be able to track the impact of purchasing that particular fabric.

Simple eh? So what's stopping you from making the most of these wonderful fabrics? Totally GOTS and OKEO-Tex Standard 100 accredited fabric and benefiting the poor and our planet as a whole.

Now that is a Win-Win-Win

*still can't resist!


In our efforts to improve our green credentials, to help people around the world, to help improve the planet as a whole and make it a better place for us, our children, their children etc we are continually looking for ways to make a difference. Whilst doing this we will do everything to make sure there is no or very little impact to you, our customers and our sewing friends.

Go check out the Organic Fabrics, buy some wonderful fabrics and help make a difference to our Perfect Planet (links to BBC iPlayer)

Any questions then email us or send a message via our Chat Facility (purple icon, bottom right of screen)

Take care and stay safe!

Dave and the Ab Fab Team

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