The Year Ahead at Ab Fab Textiles

The Year Ahead at Ab Fab Textiles

2020 and What it will bring

Purple Kam SnapsFirst of all, we know it's nearing the end of January but Happy New Year to you all. We hope that 2020 has started well for everyone. As a lot of you will know we launched KAM Snaps at the start of the year to expand on our products and to enable you all to produce the wonderful items you all do. If you want to take a look at the KAM Snaps then take a look at our KAM Snap Collection


White Food Safe PULDuring 2019 Food Safe PUL became the go to fabric for so many of you and we are expecting this to continue in 2020. White is still the most popular colour as many use it for not only making sandwich wraps but as waterproof layers in cloth sanitary products (CSP) so the neutrality of the white doesn't affect covering fabrics. Despite white being the most popular we have more of black, green, red and yellow arriving Jan/Feb and also have the Organic Cotton PUL already available. Keep an eye out on our Food Safe PUL Collection

 What Else?

Re-usability, recycling, plastic free, climate change etc are still the key motivations in more and more people's lives. This is why we are so happy to help and support CSP makers, reusable nappy makers, food wrap makers, charities and many more but providing quality fabrics at some of the best prices you will find in the UK/EU.

recycling logoDuring 2020 we will be looking at introducing different packaging that can either be reused, is biodegradable or is made from recycled materials. There may be a small surcharge for these to allow us to introduce them but the plan is to make these the "norm".

As well as the packaging, we are continuing to look into alternative fabrics that are either 100% organic or have been made genuinely from recycled fibres. Given the impetus into these markets you might believe this was straightforward but unfortunately finding ethically sourced fabrics isn't so easy and we want to be able to ensure all our customers that you are getting the best possible.

We are also looking into more organic print fabrics as well such as the Cloud 9 Organics which offer fantastic quality 100% organic cottons with fun and beautiful designs at the best prices. We aim to bring more of these to you in the first part of the year.

Economy and Brexit

gold pound signSince we officially launched last June the economy has been up and down like a roller-coaster at Alton Towers or Disneyland, in fact it's made us quite dizzy. With the UK elections and forthcoming Brexit date being confirmed things have stabilised a bit and we are looking forward to what might change and how this can impact us. Hopefully with some stability and potentially good trade deals made this will help strengthen things (we are ever optimistic LOL) and so we can look into ways of giving you all better deals. We do check our prices every few months and this will continue and where possible we will lower them.

In fact where we recently made changes to the delivery options, to allow us to start selling the KAM Snaps and threads (appearing before the end of Jan), it has meant that people ordering more than 1 or 2 metres of fabric are now saving on their orders. Take a moment just to look at what you're ordering and you might find grabbing an extra metre now rather than in a couple of weeks will save you some money.

Final Words

We are aware there have been a couple of issues with stock not being available, something a lot of fabric retailers struggle with when selling cross platform, but we are in a stronger position this year and after our next shipment, due Jan/Feb, we are putting plans in place to ensure we can continue providing you with our top sellers 365 days of the year (might have a day off each leap year LOL).

We are also looking into introducing a Loyalty scheme so that you can earn rewards. With regards to this feel free to email us at to let us know if you would prefer to earn % discounts, money off or something else. We want to offer loyalty that matters to you and benefits you.

FInally, thank you to everyone for purchasing fabrics through us throughout 2019. We are fairly new on the scene but with your continued support we aim to provide quality fabrics, the best prices we possibly can (we aim to either be the lowest or competitive but with great service) and give you the best overall experience.

We hope 2020 is a fantastic sewing year for you all. Happy Sewing Everyone!!!

Dave and Elaine

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