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October Shipment News

October Shipment News 0

The impact of programs like Planet Earth, Blue Planet and the ongoing efforts by people like Greta Thunberg seems to be having a fantastic effect on how the general public are starting to see and understand the impact of their actions.
Zorb 1st Gen and White Food Safe PUL

Zorb 1st Gen and White Food Safe PUL 0

Zorb 1st Gen and the white food safe PUL are our two most popular fabrics and we have seen an increase in this over the year especially. We have continued to try and anticipate demand for these products and unfortunately, unlike huge companies, we don't have the buying power so have to make judgements.
Latest Shipment About to Land

Latest Shipment About to Land 0

We have a shipment due imminently with more of your favourite fabrics such as Zorb 1st Gen and Food Safe PUL as well as some new fabrics, colours and haberdashery items. Should only take a few mins to read our little update so take a pause from sewing, grab your nearly cold cuppa and have a read!