Face Masks - Coronavirus Update

Face Masks - Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

So, we are in the grips of this pandemic and lockdown is happening in many countries around the world. Although the news gives us the grim reality of what is happening with this virus the figures to really focus on is how many live through it, recover fully and have no lasting effects. It is clearly very sad for those that have lost loved ones and we hope none of you have to experience that scenario.

Up until now, due to conflicting reports on the subject, we have not got involved with the DIY face mask debate. We have not been wanting to make suggestions or give advice without some knowledge on the subject ourselves. We have seen a huge upturn in certain fabrics and had customers asking about fabrics and clearly purchasing with the intention of making their own masks.

IMPORTANT: The following is for information purposes only and we make no claims that anything here will stop you from becoming infected with Covid-19.


There are many fabrics available and many claims of what they can and cannot do. Having researched this then for the outer layers the best suggestions are:

1) 100% Cotton: Tightly woven such as fabric for T-Shirts, pillowcases etc Cottons Here

2) Jersey Mesh Fabric: This is the MESH fabric and not standard jersey. This can be used as an inner layer (against mouth) instead of another cotton layer. Advantage is that it is hydrophobic so can keep moisture away. Jersey Mesh Here

3) Zorb Original: This can be used as an extra layer of filtration sandwiched between 2 layers of cotton or a cotton and jersey mesh layer. Zorb Fabrics Here

4) Flannel/Interlining: These are also fabrics that can be used inside the masks as an extra layer of filtration. 100% Cotton Flannel Here

Remember: These are suggested fabrics and by no means are endorsed by us as clinically proven.

The following chart shows how effective some fabrics can be at capturing particles. This does not show breathability of fabrics and so the vacuum bags and tea towel (dish towel) are not considered appropriate as they do make it very difficult to breath.

Effectiveness of fabrics for face masks

Face Mask Construction

We have not had the time to produce a step by step guide and anyway there are thousands/millions available freely. However, here is a small list of examples that might be worth using. If anyone has any they can recommend then please let us know and we will add them on.

Face Mask Pattern from TrendPatterns video tutorial available Here

Face Mask instructions from Kaiser Permanente

Face Mask instructions from Sarah Maker. more details can be found Here

Alternatively a fully detailed set of instructions and information can be found on Instructables Here

Also, is a link to one of our suppliers with suggestions for fabrics: Wazoodle Fabrics though again these are only suggestions.

Important: As well as making masks you need to ensure they are handled and cleaned correctly otherwise their effectiveness drops off dramatically. Make sure you wash your hands before handling masks, wash them after every use and preferably line dry them in the sun (the sun is a great germicide).

Are you making for NHS, Care Workers, Key Workers etc? Get in touch to see if we can help you.

We will look at updating this as and when more information becomes available. In the mean time STAY AT HOME, PROTECT THE NHS(MEDICAL SERVICES) and SAVE LIVES!

Thank you for taking the time to read through.

Take care

Dave and Elaine

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