Brexit - Still Shipping Worldwide

Brexit - Still Shipping Worldwide

Brief Update for Shipping to EU

It is no surprise that Brexit has finally come about and as of 1st January 2021 the UK left the EU and therefore changes are happening throughout all aspects of life and especially in business.

The good news it that we have always dispatched globally and so the UK departing from the EU makes no change to that. There are interim rules in place but as expected everything was last minute and so there will continue to be changes.

Our Prices

All of our prices do currently display UK VAT, as required by law for retail customers. This means that for all of our UK based customers "What you see is what you pay". For our Non-UK customers then please remember that the VAT will be removed when you reach the checkout pages. The price will be amended based on your location once you have entered your shipping details.

VAT and Shipping to the EU

We ship using Postal and Courier services and the likelihood now is that these operators or your customs representatives will be in contact when your order arrives into the country to arrange payment of your countries VAT and Import Duties. Upon payment the goods will be released and dispatched to the shipping address provided to us.

EU Businesses

Due to these changes, EU businesses will no longer need to provide their VAT number to remove the VAT. In addition they will be required to pay all taxes and duties when importing, as they would when importing the rest of the world, and then claim back the VAT on their local tax returns.

This all appears to be quite fluid and we are hopeful that tariffs don't appear and are interested in the updates coming in June 2021 which should make our lives easier.

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  • Dave Melaney
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