Purple (4813) - 100% Organic Cotton Thread - 100m

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Are you creating 100% organic products with no plastics such as polyester? This thread is perfect for you. GOTS certified 100% cotton. What's not to love about it?

Scanfil Organic Cotton Thread - 100m

Scanfil Organic Cotton sewing thread meets the stringent standards set by GOTS - the global organic textile standard.

Made with long-staple cotton this thread is of high quality and the combed cotton processing ensures it is strong yet soft. A multi-purpose thread that is finished in 34 colours. Spun in Holland, the organic cotton is gathered from several sources so the thread is a blend of the longest fibres available, making it smooth and strong.

Potential Uses:

Scanfil is suitable for seams, overlock, top stitching, and embroidery; and will not shrink or bleed with washing. Supplied on a wooden spool.

CSP, nappy inserts, shirts, blouses, lingerie, children’s apparel, underwear, knitwear and dresses.