PM2.5 Carbon Face Mask Filter

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We now have stock of these P2.5 Activated Carbon Filters which are perfect to use with face masks that have a pocket for removable filters, which are a perfect option especially for those who have underlying lung conditions.

They come in 2 sizes (packs of 2):

Adults: 12cm x 8.5cm

Children: 10cm x 7cm

These filters are made with 5 layers of highly efficient protective filtering consisting of three different filter materials:

1. Non-woven fabric: Preliminary filtering of dust
2. Meltblown cloth: Auxiliary filtering of automotive exhaust and second-hand smoke.
3. Activated carbon: Filters smaller harmful substances.

The filters are supplied in sealed bags with 2 in each pack. Prices are per pack.

They are easy to use and just slide into a "pocket" built into certain masks.

Note: These are not washable and it's recommended to change the filter at least once per week depending on usage. Obviously if you are using your mask for several hours a day then we recommend changing more often.

These are non-returnable and non-refundable.