B10 - Sunset Yellow - Size 20 Glossy KAM Snaps

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Perfect snaps to use with cloth sanitary products (CSP), reusable nappies and many other craft creations. They are made from polyacetal resin and are Oekotex Certified.

Each set includes:

2 glossy caps, 1 socket (female) and 1 stud (male)

Kam Snap Size: 20 Regular Length
Cap diameter: 12.4mm (1/2")
Prong length: 5.6mm

To enable you to attach these you will need a set of pliers and the appropriate size 20 die head (sold seperately)

All sets are measured out by weight, as it would be too time consuming to count them out, so please expect a potential variation of +/- 5%. We do use very accurate scales so expect any variations to be less than this.