Cottons, Organics & Zorb - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These 3 words are synonymous with what is needed to help nature and save our planet and ourselves. YOU and Ab Fab Textiles are here to help change people’s opinions and bring them products that make their lives better and help nature in the process.

Recycling and reducing disposable plastics are key factors but so is reusability. Our fabulous fabrics have been sourced to help YOU make reusable products such as cloth sanitary products (CSP), sandwich/food wraps, nappies and pet bedding.

Ab Fab Textiles were one of the first in the UK to make Zorb fabrics affordable, to stock Certified Food Safe PUL and we are continuing to source more 100% organic fabrics, recycled fabrics and to stock all the haberdashery items you need.

Check out our collections of Zorb, PUL, Organic Cottons, Bamboo, Printed Fabrics, KAM Snaps, Threads and haberdashery knowing you are getting quality at GUARANTEED BEST PRICES.

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